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3 Reasons Why You Might Need Your Wisdom Teeth Extracted

illustration of tooth extraction | Dentist Prairieville LA

Wisdom teeth, also called third molars, are the last of your molars to arrive - typically around the ages of 18 to 25. These molars were essential to our early ancestors because they needed the strength of these teeth to chew their food, which consisted of raw meats, nuts, berries, leaves, and roots. However, these days we don't require the extra chewing force that wisdom teeth provided; in fact, our jaws have evolved and become smaller, so there's not usually enough room for third molars.

Here are a few of the reasons your dentist may recommend a wisdom tooth extraction in Baton Rouge.

#1: Wisdom Teeth Are Hard to Properly Brush ...

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Finding the Right Baton Rouge Dentist for Your Family

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If you could streamline your family's dental appointments to one excellent dentist with a choice of two convenient locations, wouldn't you do it? Of course, you would!

It saves you time, stress, and even money when you don't have to run all over town to different dental providers. Dr. Danny Palm and his team offer high-quality and comprehensive dentistry to patients in Baton Rouge and Prairieville, LA. With two convenient locations and office hours to accommodate your family's schedule, getting the dentistry your family needs has never been easier. 

What You'll Find at Palm Family Dentistry

Both of our Louisianna dental offices offer a wide array of the services that your family ...

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Why Routine Dental Visits Save You Money

woman in dental chair | Dentist Prairieville

Why does your routine cleaning and checkup always seem to fall on your busiest days? While you may be feeling like it's inconvenient to take time off from work to visit your dentist in Baton Rouge, here's what you should know about your preventive care appointment and why it might save you time and money in the long run.

Protect Your Teeth from Cavities

You might think there's no need to visit the dentist if your teeth aren't hurting. Believe it or not, tooth decay doesn't cause much discomfort until it's made its way well into your tooth and sometimes all the way into your nerve. If tooth decay gets into ...

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Cosmetic Dental Treatments That Won’t Break the Bank!

Couple smiling | Dentist Baton Rouge LA

It used to be that cosmetic dentistry was only for the rich and famous; however, with many changes in modern dentistry, cosmetic services are now much more affordable and accessible to all patients. If you've considered making changes to the appearance of your smile, here are some cosmetic dental services in Baton Rouge that won't break the bank!

Teeth Whitening

Whitening or bleaching your teeth is a great way to make a significant impact on your smile at a minimal cost. With custom made take-home whitening trays, you can brighten your smile from the comfort of your own home at your leisure.

Choosing custom made trays from your dentist as opposed to ...

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3 Reasons Why Routine Dental Care Is so important

Woman smiling in dental chair | Prairieville LA Dentist

Visiting your dentist every six months might not seem very important, especially when your teeth aren't hurting. However, if you wait to visit your Baton Rouge family dentist until you're feeling discomfort, it's likely that the damage has been done. Here are some reasons why routine dental care is critical to your well-being.

Your Dental Health Affects Your Overall Health

There have been many studies over the years that indicate a strong connection between your oral health and your overall health. We now understand that the bacteria that causes gum disease can also contribute to the inflammation that causes problems like diabetes, heart disease, low birth weight in babies, high blood pressure, ...

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3 Tips for Finding the Right Family Dentist

large family | Dentist Prairieville la

Finding the right dentist to care for your family can be a challenge. It makes it so much easier when each member of the family can be seen at one dental practice, so here are some tips on finding the right Baton Rouge dentist for your family.

#1: Ask the Right Questions

Don't be afraid to "interview" your prospective dentist and their staff. Ask questions such as:

  • How long have you been in practice? How long at this location?
  • What types of continuing education do you and your staff participate in?
  • Is the office equipped with advanced technology?
  • How long have staff members been with the practice?

Talking with staff members gives you a feel for ...

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3 Ways that Dental Implants Improve Your Smile and Oral Health

dental implants prairieville la

Living with a tooth that is failing is discouraging. Eating and chewing your favorite foods become awkward and uncomfortable, and you may also avoid talking and interacting with others due to the appearance of your smile.

Whether your tooth is already missing, or it’s time to consider letting it go, the good news is dental implants in Baton Rouge, LA are an excellent solution for restoring your smile and your oral health. Here are some reasons patients are choosing dental implants.

#1: Dental Implants Protect Your Oral Health

Because an implant restores both your tooth and your root, it keeps your jawbone healthy and stimulated as your root did. Your new tooth ...

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