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Scheduling Cosmetic Dental Treatments with Us Is Easy

May 30, 2020
Posted By: Palm Family Dentistry

Through the unfolding of COVID-19, many people have faced challenges in their daily lives, along with uncertainty. At Palm Family Dentistry, we can relate to how frustrating this can be. 

There seems to be a truth in believing that tough times do eventually end, and when they do, we'll be here to serve you like we usually do. 

When dental cleanings and exams aren't possible with Dr. Daniel Palm, we advise patients to maintain a daily schedule of brushing and flossing to avoid painful dental emergencies. We look forward to treating your oral health as soon as we can safely do so. 

Patients will be glad to know that we uphold the strictest standards for safety protocol, both for our health and yours. When patients are able to see us for general and cosmetic dental procedures, we will uphold new guidelines to maintain social distancing. 

Appointments will be staggered to minimize patient contact, and we will screen appointments before patients enter the dental office to check for signs of illness.

All dental equipment and surfaces will be sterilized and disinfected—our dental office will be one of the safest places you could ever be!

Scheduling Future Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Many of us see the value in keeping safe and socially distant, but that doesn't mean that we can stop working on and improving ourselves. We look forward to booking Prairieville patients for beautifying treatments like professional teeth whitening or dental bonding. 

Patients can be among our first valued guests to take note of our stricter policies that we respectfully abide by for your safety. If you have noticed that your teeth are starting to look dingy and dull, we can help you reinvent yourself with a brand new Hollywood-style smile. 

Similarly, if you have chipped or cracked a tooth, we can help hide it with the magic of dental bonding. It will feel like magic when you look in the mirror and see a new you staring back. 

If you're interested in designing a new smile to reflect your inner self, we can help. 

Call Palm Family Dentistry today, and we'll put you in our calendar. 

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