Tooth-Colored Restorations in Prairieville, LA

couple smiling | tooth-colored restorations prairieville laIn the past, getting a dental filling or crown typically meant changing the appearance of your teeth, and it often wasn’t for the better. Fillings were completed with silver amalgam that detracted from the appearance of your tooth,while crowns were comprised of porcelain attached to metal, which was also noticeable in a smile.

These days, however, dental esthetics are much improved with tooth-colored restorations.

Fillings are now comprised of composite resin, which is customizable to the shape and shade of your tooth. Crowns are now all-porcelain, which is proven to be durable yet much more natural looking and not noticeable at all when you smile. Metal crowns are only typically used on back molars for longevity and because they are not in the sight line when you smile.

The Issue with Metal Fillings

Besides detracting from the appearance of your tooth, there are also other problems with metal fillings such as structural issues. Due to the nature of metal, it has a tendency to expand and contract because of the constant temperature changes in your mouth.

This can cause metal fillings to pull away from your tooth, leaving it susceptible to bacteria and decay that could get in below the filling.  For this reason, many patients choose to remove the metal fillings in their teeth, opting for composite resin restorations.

The Benefits of Composite Resin

Unlike metal fillings, composite is bonded directly to your tooth. This adds strength and longevity to your tooth by protecting its integrity and eliminating the breakdown experienced with metal fillings. Composite is very durable and can last for many years without needing replacement.

Esthetically, composite is superior to metal because Dr. Palm can customize it for every patient’s unique needs. It seamlessly matches your teeth so no one will notice your dental work when you smile.woman smiling | dental fillings prairieville la

Dental Bonding in 70769

Because it is bonded directly to your tooth, composite can also be used to make cosmetic changes to your teeth, a process known as dental bonding. This allows Dr. Palm to effectively repair a number of different issues such as:

  • Stains or discoloration
  • Small fractures or chipping
  • Size or shape discrepancies
  • Gaps or spaces between teeth
  • Root exposure caused by gum recession

If your teeth are in need of small repairs, talk with Dr. Palm about this affordable and effective treatment procedure.

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Tooth-colored fillings are an aesthetically pleasing way to restore teeth that need repair. Dr. Palm chooses these types of restorations not only for their aesthetics but also because they prevent many of the issues that metal fillings cause.

If you’d like to learn more about tooth-colored restorations, our services, and everything that Palm Family Dentistry has to offer, give our office a call today.