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Are There Any Benefits to Using Dental Home Remedies?

September 26, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Daniel Palm, DDS
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You may have heard of the latest do-it-yourself (DIY) dental trends of oil pulling to clean your mouth or brushing your teeth with charcoal to whiten your teeth. But do these "home remedies" really work? Your dentist in Baton Rouge weighs in.

Oil Pulling

Also called "kavala" or "gundusha" in the Ayurvedic tradition, this ancient dental technique is said to eliminate harmful bacteria in your mouth, freshen your breath, and even brighten your teeth. The way it works is that you swish vegetable oil (typically coconut) around in your mouth for 15 to 20 minutes. It is said that oil reportedly pulls toxins out of your body, which gives you added protection against issues such as gum disease or tooth decay.

While it won't do you any harm to try this method, there is also no supporting studies or evidence that it is actually benefiting you either. Using products such as fluoride is still the best-proven way to protect your teeth against cavities and tooth decay.

Brushing Your Teeth with Charcoal

Why would you want to brush your teeth with black activated charcoal? Because of its absorbent properties, it is said to pull stains out of your teeth to brighten your smile. The other benefit is that it can't be absorbed by your body, which makes it safe to use. But does it work?

Unfortunately, there is no formal evidence that it actually whitens your teeth. And though it may be safe for your body, it may also be abrasive for your teeth, which can wear your enamel down over time. Enamel erosion can result in tooth sensitivity and cavities.

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