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Do You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed? We Can Help!

May 15, 2020
Posted By: Palm Family Dentistry

If you have impacted or crowded wisdom teeth in your smile, you should typically have those teeth removed to protect your other teeth and preserve your oral health.  

At Palm Family Dentistry, our dentist regularly performs wisdom teeth removal in Prairieville. We are always accepting new patients and can schedule your tooth extraction for the near future when you call us at (225) 622-2545.

Routine Wisdom Tooth Extractions 

Wisdom teeth were once a crucial part of our ancestors’ anatomy, as their diets required large, sturdy teeth to process tough, raw foods. Because today’s foods are much gentler on our teeth, we no longer need these extra “third molars,” and it’s usually best to extract them. 

Wisdom teeth can grow in with as many as four or as few as one. While some lucky people are born with no wisdom teeth, most American adults have at least one wisdom tooth. 

Because our mouths are smaller than our ancestors’, we no longer have room for our wisdom teeth. If wisdom teeth do grow in, they can pose significant threats to our oral health. For this reason, Dr. Daniel Palm and the rest of our clinical team recommend wisdom tooth removal in Galvez to prevent problems from developing down the road.

Wisdom teeth typically grow in during the late teenage years or into early adulthood, which is why it’s so common for high schoolers to have their wisdom teeth removed. The goal is to extract wisdom teeth before they ever “erupt,” or poke through the gums, to keep their threat to a minimum. For many teenagers and young adults, wisdom tooth extraction is just another part of their routine dental care. 

Emergency Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Even though wisdom tooth removal is an anticipated and scheduled part of many young patients’ treatment plans, situations do arise that call for immediate and emergency extraction. 

We perform emergency tooth extraction in Prairieville when wisdom teeth are painful, appear infected, or are causing problems to the overall health of a smile. Sometimes, a tooth needs to come out immediately—and we’ll be there when it does. 

If you have a wisdom tooth that became painful or problematic very quickly, you may need an emergency extraction. 

Contact our treatment team right away at (225) 622-2545, so we can schedule an emergency dental appointment with  Dr. Palm. If you only need a routine dental appointment or examination regarding your wisdom teeth, we’d also be happy to schedule that for you!

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