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The 3 Worst Drinks for Your Teeth

June 26, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Daniel Palm, DDS
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Most of us are aware that sugar causes tooth decay and cavities in our teeth, so it's best to stay away from candy and sugary foods. But have you ever considered the beverages you drink each day? A lot of them are also loaded with sugar, and some may even surprise you. Here are some the worst culprits to be aware of.

Soda and Soft Drinks

Soft drinks are packed with sugar and they're also highly acidic, which presents a double whammy of sorts for your teeth. Sugar fuels the bacteria that causes tooth decay, while acids breakdown tooth enamel making you more prone for cavities. This is the reason soft drinks are so bad for your teeth.

Energy or Sports Drinks

Many people think that energy drinks are better than soda, but the truth is that these beverages are also high in acids and sugars, which means they are just as capable of wearing away your enamel as soft drinks are.

Fruit Juices

People are often surprised to hear that fruit juices are also bad for your teeth since they are typically marketed as "healthy." However, fruit juices are also high in sugars, and some like lemonade and orange juice are also highly acidic.

Your Best Bet

Choosing to drink water throughout the day is really your best choice. Not only will you stay well hydrated, you'll also be protecting your teeth and oral health.

If you do choose to drink an energy drink or fruit juice every now and then, try to drink water afterward or rinse your mouth with water when you're done. This helps to wash away the sugar and acids that remain in your mouth after these types of drinks.

Avoid brushing your teeth right after drinking a sugary beverage. while this seems like a good idea, it only spreads the sugar around and actually does more damage to your teeth. Waiting for at least 30 minutes to brush after a sugary treat or beverage allows the pH balance in your mouth to return to normal and makes it safe to brush again without causing damage.

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