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How long does wisdom teeth surgery take?

Wisdom teeth surgery is necessary if your wisdom teeth are not erupting correctly—pushing on adult teeth, not breaking through the gums completely, and causing you pain. Fortunately, you do not need your wisdom teeth for chewing. They do not serve a specific purpose, and you will not miss them following extraction.

Your gentle dentist in Prairieville makes sure you are comfortable and that the area he’s working in is completely numb. The extraction process is fairly simple, but sometimes there can be complex cases that take a little more time. On average, and depending on the complexity of the tooth extractions, the process can take anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour.

Fortunately, Dr. Palm has performed countless wisdom teeth extractions and is highly skilled when it comes to keeping you comfortable. Additionally, you’ll be with a team you trust and not referred elsewhere for your tooth extraction surgery.

Following your tooth extractions in Prairieville, your dentist provides aftercare instructions to help you recover quickly. Generally, you’ll have soreness for a few days to one week, but this is easily treatable with pain medications.

For more information about tooth extractions in Prairieville, contact our dental office today. We look forward to speaking with you and arranging an appointment with our gentle dentist.

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