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Can you do same-day tooth extractions?

Yes, we often offer same-day tooth extractions in our Prairieville and Baton Rouge dental offices for patients who need them. Our first course of action, however, is rarely tooth extraction. We will do everything we can to save a natural tooth before resorting to extraction. 

If we cannot save the tooth and Dr. Palm recommends extraction for your situation, he will discuss precisely what the problem is and why we must remove the tooth. We will make the extraction procedure as comfortable as we can for you. 

Our caring, gentle team of professionals provides excellent care to patients during extractions, so if you have any questions or any suggestions for making you more comfortable during the procedure, let us know. 

We may recommend removal of a tooth for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Severe and widespread decay that can’t be fixed with a crown or filling
  • A severe tooth infection
  • Advanced gum disease 
  • Removal of teeth for prosthetic placement, like dentures

Fortunately, with adherence to a good oral hygiene routine and regular dental cleanings, many of these situations are avoidable. 

What Can I Eat after a Tooth Extraction?

If we must remove a tooth, whether it’s a planned or emergency extraction, you will need to adjust your diet for a short time afterward to protect the extraction site. 

For the 24 hours following your extraction, you should stick to a diet of soft foods and liquids only. You can expand into eating easy-to-chew foods after 24 hours, and you should stay on that diet for at least a few days. After several days have passed, you can slowly move back into your regular diet. 

When eating after your extraction, avoid foods or beverages that are hot or spicy. Also, do NOT consume alcoholic beverages after a tooth extraction, and also avoid eating hard or crunchy foods.

You should consume all foods and beverages at lukewarm temperatures. Applesauce, mashed potatoes, and other foods that don’t require chewing are excellent choices for the first day or so after your procedure.

How Long Does Pain Last After a Tooth Extraction? 

It generally takes a couple of weeks for the extraction area to heal fully. However, any associated pain usually fades for patients within 72 hours. To help your extraction site heal quickly, follow the above guidelines and any other instructions provided by your dentist.

Replacing Your Extracted Tooth

It’s essential to replace missing teeth. Your oral health depends on it. After your extraction area has healed, we will work with you to replace your missing tooth. We offer several options for tooth replacement in our Baton Rouge and Prairieville dentist offices. 

Dr. Palm will assess your dental situation and recommend either dentures, dental implants, or a bridge. We are dedicated to providing you with excellent dental care, and we want you to enjoy the best tooth replacement possible, which is why we offer a variety of choices.

All our tooth replacements are natural-looking and comfortable, and they’ll help protect your oral health.

Same-Day Tooth Extractions in Prairieville

If you’re looking for an emergency dentist with same-day extractions, you have come to the right place. Our skilled dentist can help you remedy your tooth pain or infection with an emergency tooth extraction in Prairieville. 

Reach out to our team at Palm Family Dentistry today for assistance.

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