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Daniel J. Palm, DDS

Does it hurt to get a tooth filled?

We hear this question a lot, but getting a tooth filled at Palm Dentistry does not hurt. Your comfort is our priority, and we don’t want you to worry about pain. Dr. Palm won’t begin the process of placing a dental filling at our Prairieville, LA office until he knows your mouth is numb.

You need a dental filling when you get a cavity in a tooth. Treating tooth decay sooner is always better than waiting until you have a painful toothache to deal with.

The first step in placing your dental filling is to numb the tooth we’re treating. Once your mouth is numb, Dr. Palm will carefully remove only the decayed or damaged part of the tooth.

He then places a natural-looking filling in the hollowed-out area to restore the tooth’s structure and allow you to chew on the tooth comfortably again. Since we choose tooth-colored composite fillings that blend into your smile, no one will know you’ve had any dental work done.

If you have dental anxiety or worry about getting a tooth filled, please call our Prairieville, LA dental office. We promise to listen to your concerns to ensure that you have a stress-free procedure.

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